About us






We believe in healing through the body. That is why we have been training masseurs and massage therapists for more than 35 years and with great inspiration and pleasure. We also organize shorter massage courses at different levels. We work with attention, contact and body awareness in our education. From the head, into the body. In this way you become a richer person and you lay a good foundation for working with others.

Massage is our passion. A profession with depth, in which you can mean a lot to others. A profession that can give a lot of satisfaction. And a profession in which you never have finished learning. That is exactly why you have come to the right place.

We are always looking for new methods that are being developed all over the world. We like to bring the most excellent professionals to the Netherlands and make them part of our international team of trainers.

Our graduates start their own practice, apply what they have learned within their existing work environment or find a workplace within spas, saunas, hotels or other organizations. The vocational training is accredited and meets the requirements set by health insurers and professional associations.

Our passion for massage

Massage is a beautiful profession. The motto is: by heart, in the body. And that not only applies to those who receive a massage, but certainly also to you as a masseur! A new world is opening. What a wealth!

Our Holistic Vision

For thousands of years, massage has been used as a way to relax, make sore muscles flexible again and to feel healthier and fitter. The most basic principle of massage, the touch, is something everyone can and everyone needs. Massage works at different levels. Your body is touched, but also your emotions, your thoughts and your energy are affected. We see massage as a holistic treatment method in which no physical complaints, muscles or bodies are treated, but there is attention for the whole person.

Surrender in the here and now

The body and sensory perceptions are a powerful gateway to the "now." Paying attention to the hands of the masseur is similar to meditation in which the mind slowly calms down and you can be more and more in the present. Body and mind are invited to relax and rest. A "surrender to the now". After all, "Now" is the only moment we have!

De-stressing is healthy

Massage is more than just an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Muscles, skin and circulation really benefit from it. More and more scientific studies are appearing that support the beneficial effects of a massage. 

The benefits from Massage we have encountered in our long history of training hundreds of massage therapists:

  • gives more energy and improves flexibility by reducing muscle tension and cramped muscles;
  • encourages better blood circulation, which stimulates the supply of nutrients and oxygen and the removal of waste;
  • improves metabolism, making the tissue and organs function better;
  • strengthens the immune system, because a faster removal of excess fluid and waste through the lymphatic and blood vessels is stimulated;
  • lowers blood pressure and improves sleep;
  • reduces anxiety, stress and tension due to the release of tissue hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin;
  • reduces pain by increasing serotonin;
  • reduces depressive feelings and mood swings, because less cortisol (stress hormone) is produced and the production of oxytocin and serotonin (happiness hormones) is stimulated;
  • improves body awareness and your energy starts to flow better, which makes you feel better and you notice earlier when you go beyond your limits;
  • makes you look better, because the condition of your skin (your largest organ) will function better.

Massage makes you less likely to fall ill, you sleep better and the stress flows away from your muscles and head. It makes you even more attractive, happier and more alert!

Learn to listen to the body

Our body tells our history and the difficulties we have encountered. They can be found in areas of tension in our body. Blockades that once served to avoid having to feel difficult emotions such as fear, anger or sadness. If you soften and investigate these blockages, for example with the help of massage, this can give you more freedom in physical and emotional areas.

It is not always easy to learn to listen to what your body has to say. In our culture focusing attention inside and feeling what goes on inside you is not obvious. We have little awareness of our body, while it is the instrument par excellence that can help us further. If you can listen to your body you know what you need, what is good for you and what you long for. The body knows everything, if you want and can listen. We are often forgotten about that. We can pay attention to this through massage so that you can reconnect to your body.