5-Ritmes met Andrew Holmes

september 28, 2019 – september 29, 2019 hele dag
5-Ritmes met Andrew Holmes

Datum: za 28 en zo 29 sept 2019
Tijd: zat 10:30 - 17:30, zon 10:30 - 16:30
Docent: Andrew Holmes
Locatie: Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA Amsterdam
Voor wie: ervaren 5-ritme dansers
Prijs: € 170; indien geboekt voor 30 juni: early bird prijs € 155



An advanced 5-Rythms Workshop with Andrew Holmes

What do you want? And how do you go about getting it..?

This weekend we will dance with two archetypes to explore different ways of relating to others and the world. Archetypes are core energies, deep truths of human potential that await our exploration and embodiment. By moving with the Seductress and the Hero, we expand our range of possibility, and strengthen our relationship to our own masculine and feminine. We’ll reclaim the purity of our heart’s desires, and learn to find more clarity and courage in our actions and decisions. Generous hearts, clear minds, willing bodies.. then there’s space for our soul to soar.

Andrew has been teaching the 5 Rhythms for more than twenty years, and is one of the most respected teachers in Europe. He studied extensively with Gabrielle Roth, and runs workshops in many countries. He worked as a theatre director for 20 years, and lives in England with his partner Sharon.

“How lovely it is to be in your wise, safe, healing presence. The depth and simplicity of your teaching is stunning”

Contact Siebrecht Vroom with any questions at secretariaat@akademie.nl or 020-3308572.

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