Esalen Massage®︎ Certification Training

juli 6, 2020 – oktober 17, 2020 hele dag
Esalen Massage®︎ Certification Training
Esalen Massage®︎ Certification Training

Datum: July 6 - 25 and Oct 10 - 17 2020
Tijd: will be published
Docent: Mika Oishi / Johanna Holloman / assistents
Locatie: Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA Amsterdam
Voor wie: for beginners and for those who want to specialize in Esalen Massage
Prijs: € 3500 / a non-refundable registration fee of € 500 before May 1st 2020


Esalen Massage is a unique form of bodywork developed over the last 50 years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This technique is known for its long, integrating strokes, creating an experience of deep relaxation supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal.

This training will provide participants with in depth experience and practice of basic Esalen Massage techniques, enabling them to give a professional full body massage upon completion of the course. Our study of Mssage will be complimented by daily meditation, awareness practice, and movement.

Through our daily massage and awareness practice, we will experience in our own bodies the qualities of aliveness and flowing presence central to this method. This process of self-exploration is a key element of grounding this teaching in the experience of the body itself. In so doing, we all have the opportunity to transform what would simply be a “technique” into a true healing art. The deeper intent of our time together is to learn to touch others by first leaning to be touched, not only by the hands of our fellow students , but by an expansion of our awareness though our own bodies, selves and souls.

Learning the art of Esalen Massage often changes lives. Whether your intent is to explore to change of career, deepen your knowledge of bodywork, or to spend time healing yourself though touching, our time together will certainly stay with you for many years to come.

Whatever your intention, join us for this journey. Our hearts will convey our experience through our hands as we learn to heal ourselves and others through this wonderfully effective method called Esalen Massage.


Esalen Massage®︎ Certification Program Overview

Esalen Massage®︎ distinguishes itself in its sensitive, responsive approach to each person and each session. In this hands-on work, body, mind, and spirit are inextricably linked. This holistic approach is effective for health and healing issues, somatic concerns, physical stress reduction, and well-being.

Esalen offers a certification which allows graduates to promote their work as Esalen Massage®︎ and to be included in the worldwide practitioner list on our Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association (EMBA) website.


175 hours Esalen Massage®︎ Certification
This course is designed for both beginners of Massage and for those already certificated in another modality who wish to learn and practice Esalen Massage. It focuses on the methodology and philosophy of Esalen massage. And also you learn anatomy, physiology, business, ethics, hygiene and assessment.


Subscribing and payment
You secure your place in this training by paying a non-refundable registration fee of € 500, using the green button at this page . A few weeks before the training starts, we will sent you an invoice by mail for the rest of the payment. Payment should be received by us before the start of the training.
• Registration fee (€ 500) before May 1st 2020
• Rest of the payment (€ 3000) before July 1st 2020

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