Functional Methods for Manual Therapists (Jeffrey Burch)

juli 18, 2022 – juli 21, 2022 hele dag
Functional Methods for Manual Therapists (Jeffrey Burch)
Functional Methods for Manual Therapists (Jeffrey Burch)

Datum:Module 1: 18-21 juli 2022 - Module 2: 12-15 november 2022 - Module 3: 23-26 maart 2022
Tijd:10:00 - 18:00 uur
Docent:Jeffrey Burch
Locatie:Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA Amsterdam
Voor wie:Therapeuten/bodyworkers geschoold in een behandelmethode gebaseerd op aanraking.
Prijs:per module € 775
Accreditatie:o.a. KTNO, zie tekst
Beschikbaarheid:Meer info en aanmelding via


4-day Workshops in Precise Assessment and Low Force Treatment Methods 

There are many varieties of Functional Assessment and Treatment Methods. The most commonly practiced Functional treatment variations are Unwinding and Functional-Indirect. These two low-force yet powerful treatment methods allow the practitioner to accomplish a great deal. Skill in a full scope of functional methods will, however, dramatically increase the number of keys on a practitioner’s ring to unlock wellbeing in a wide range of client scenarios. I invite you to pick up those keys one at a time.

Learn techniques to achieve more effective results with less effort

The workshops will equip participants with an integrated and widely applicable assessment protocol, and a diverse treatment skill-set with which to address a wide range of biomechanical issues.

Learn all these methods and how they relate to each other to get a much fuller understanding of how functional methods achieve change in the body. You will then be able to mix and match techniques to address a wide range of situations. Along with treatment strategies good assessment skills are essential.

As well as boosting the structural Integration practice, this course also provides an excellent foundation for many other modalities including osteopathie, visceral- manipulation, and craniosacral therapy, to name a few.
We explore the principles behind the specific manipulations, enabling workshop participants to improvise techniques to fit a wide range of situations. The assessment methods elegantly answer the question we must ask at every moment in a session: where can I work on this person that will bring about the greatest positive change for the whole person?

In the uniqueness and complexity of our clients/patients, each functional method provides another potential avenue to normalize tight or lax tissue in the body. Developing skill in all the variations will equip you with a large tool kit with which to address a wide range of situations for your clients/patients. Each method is powerful in itself while some can be combined to give more variations and achieve stronger results.

This four-day workshop will teach seven distinct assessment methods and six treatment methods. Two thirds of the methods come from osteopathy, including several from Jean-Pierre Barral DO. A third of the methods are new and created by Jeffrey Burch. We present how to use each method on a range of tissue types and body areas.

The training consist of three 4-day modules in which we will cover:

(Part 1)
Assessment Methods:
• General Listening
• Local Listening
• Inhibition
• Lift Listening
• Layer Palpation
• Layer Listening
• Mobility Testing-A

Treatment Methods:
• Pure Unwinding
• Augmented Unwinding
• Alternate Interrupt
• First Barrier Stretch
• First Barrier Glide
• Long Lever vs Short Lever Treatments
• Listen and Follow

(Part 2)
Assessment Methods:
• Manual Thermal
• General Tap
• Mobility Testing -B
• Ask the body
• Extended listening
• Listening from a symptomatic area

Treatment Methods:
• Near first barrier
• Far first barrier
• Mixed near & far first barriers
• Oscillating between the barriers
• Middle barrier technique
• Induction of a rhythm
• Recoil
• Walking through the spectrum of barriers

(Part 3)
Assessment Methods:
• Ruling out false positives on orthopaedic tests
• Ultra-slow mobility testing
• Mobility Testing -C
• Craniosacral rhythm as assessment tool
• Intuition skill building

Treatment Methods:
• Flossing
• Accordion
• Centralizing technique
• Reconstructed AT Still technique
• George Laughlin DO technique
• Stack & Borrow
• Scrubbing the walls
• Pendulum wall scrubbing

Credits: Accredited by
Kwaliteit en Toetsing Natuurgerichte Opleidingen KTNO: 1 EC
European Rolfing Association ERA: 4 Elective CEU
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute DIRI: 4 Elective CEU
International Association of Structural Integrators IASI: 28 SI spec. CEU.

Prerequisites for attending the workshop:
For all bodyworkers/therapists with a professional education in touch-based bodywork/manual therapy.

Material: There is a comprehensive binder going with “Functional Methods”, which is to purchase for € 50.-, after registration.

For more information see the instructor’s website



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