Trager for Bodyworkers – Waves

oktober 14, 2021 hele dag
Trager for Bodyworkers - Waves

Datum: October 14, 2021
Tijd: 10:00 - 18:00
Docent: Masterclass with Roger Tolle, Senior Instructor for Trager International
Locatie: Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA Amsterdam
Voor wie: masseurs, massagetherapeuten en andere lichaamsgerichte therapeuten
Prijs: € 140
Beschikbaarheid: VOL - stuur een mail naar als je op de wachtlijst geplaatst wilt worden (i.v.m. het corona-protocol kunnen minder deelnemers toegelaten worden)


Trager® Tools for Somatic Movement and Massage Therapists

The Trager® Approach to Somatic Movement Therapy is pleasurable, gentle, nurturing and non-invasive. Integrating its simple, profound principles into your work helps you address your clients’ specific concerns, whether to bring more joy into life, enhance athletic performance, or address the functional limitations of pain, medical conditions, aging, disease, or injuries. And perhaps even more importantly, investing in Trager as your primary modality leads to a long and joyful practice and an ageless freedom in your own body. Read more about the work at

These two Master Classes give you the opportunity to delve deeply into the nature of your relationship with yourself as you work, and to discover how your work takes on new simplicity and precision as you change the focus of your attention and the quality of your intention.



This day we'll focus on wave motion, from the surface all the way into the depths of our human structure. We will emphasize the feeling of fluidity in the connection of mind and body. To sense liquid movement patterns in our clients, we’ll practice staying fluid in our own bodies while working. We’ll explore expanded full-body waves that free and organize the structure of our client’s fascial web. And we’ll practice listening with precision to the diagnostically significant information in the backwash. Can we operate from a belief that a fluid body dissolves dis-ease? What would happen if we approach resistance in our clients’ tissue as merely something to harmonize with the flow of life energy?



About the teacher

Roger Tolle, has helped over 20,000 clients in his 35 years of practice. He has taught the Trager® Approach to hundreds of students in 16 countries on five continents, and is now deeply involved in the training and mentoring of a new generation of Trager Instructors.

He has a B.A. in Theater/Movement, and spent 15 years as a professional modern dancer embodying fluidity, ease, power, clarity, and a wide-ranging vocabulary of movement. Extensive study with Dr. Milton Trager and with other pioneers in the field of somatic movement education brought him a thorough working knowledge of function in motion. His practice of daily movement meditations have steeped him in the interconnected influences of mind and body. As one of his long time students remarked, “He lives what he teaches.” Discover more about his work at his website

Want more?

Roger teaches two workshops at the Akademie:

  • October 13 2021 - Softness
  • October 14 2021 - Waves

Each workshop costs € 140. Subscribing and payment at the separate pages.

Follow 2 classes and get a discount - pay 240 instead of 280 euro's

Click here for subscribing and paying for both workshops at October 13 and 14.



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